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Silver "The black cave" signet ring pendant

Silver "The black cave" signet ring pendant

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Greek handmade "The black cave" signet ring pendant, crafted in Silver 925 Gold-plated.

The "Black Cave Ring" is a ring/golden seal, found in the palace of Knossos, in Crete, in 1926. The ring has a spiral linear A! It comes from the necropolis of Black Cave.

A classic example of this type of writing can also be seen in the famous "Phaistos disc", which was also found in Crete, in the Minoan palace of Phaistos, on the south side of the island, but not far from Knossos.

This finding proves that the Disc of Phaistos is authentic (even today many researchers say that it is... fake, because they cannot accept and understand that there was such a high-level civilization, then...) and of course it is not the only sample of similar code writing on the great island...

All of our Silver jewellery carry the metal (925) and the Greek Workshop's stamps.
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