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Gold Minoan Snake Goddess design pendant

Gold Minoan Snake Goddess design pendant

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Handmade Minoan Snake Goddess design pendant, crafted in 14 Karat Gold.

Two Minoan snake goddess figurines were excavated in 1903 in the Minoan palace at Knossos in the Greek island of Crete. The Knossos figurines, both significantly incomplete, date to near the end of the neo-palatial period of Minoan civilization, around 1600 BCE. It was Evans who called the larger of his pair of figurines a "Snake Goddess", the smaller a "Snake Priestess"; since then, it has been debated whether Evans was right, or whether both figurines depict priestesses, or both depict the same deity or distinct deities.

All of our Gold jewellery carry the metal (585) and the Greek Workshop's stamp.

All Gold jewels are accompanied by a certificate for the Karats of the metal.

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